Tuesday, 6 June 2017

The routines of simple life....Great grandma style

While we wait for K's mother's next surgery, and recover from  rushing her in for a urgent pacemaker op, we have been sharing her house and daily life. (Although as I write it's just me here cos K has headed off to NSW to do some work)
I guess cos I'm living much more simply than ever either in our caravan or our room at Rathmines Bible School, this visit I have enjoyed watching and participating in Mum's routines.
The first is tea making. Sometimes  we just teabag. But for a proper pot this is how it goes.

Kettle is filled with just enough water for the number of cups to be made, plus enough to warm the Tea Pot. She adds a carefully calculated amount of tea leaves,  just below boiling water then rests the pot on its stand and the tea cosy  is used to cover for steeping. Mum pours her own first because her grandmother taught her that the first cup might not be up to the correct strength and visitors must get the best.
Dregs from pot are kept for soaking fruit for cake or water a pot plant.

There are endless other rituals that make frugal simple life here. Every time the oven is on, lots of things get baked. There are always meals, snacks and nibbles created from just about nothing, in the freezer ready to pull out for visitors or to take to friends.

Rhythms of the week that save money and keep her mind occupied. Meals on time, tasks on schedule, bills planned for and paid.

I'm pretty sure I'm not up to this 88year old great grandmother's standard. Or my mum the 79 year old great grandmother's either.

I want to share two incidents that I reckon are pure Mum Ferg.

The first is about how she, like her son K, makes friendships everywhere. Her family doctor is very fond of mum and was especially pleased to share at the last visit that she, the doctor that is, had just become a grandmother. Said brand new grandson is in Croatia and the new grandparents are off to visit soon. Mum Ferg wanted to send a present!!!! So we went yarn hunting and I made this cot rug. Teddy is not going to Croatia. He is just helping with staging.

The other incident goes like this... (family members have already heard this one)

Kevin is packing for the run to Alice Springs in the car. Big bang and glass shatter. Mum and I rush out to see what he has done. Indignant huff. Nothing to  see here. Pop into toilet and there's glass all over the floor. Picture has hit the deck. Big fight with 88 year old lady to let me clean it up cos I might cut myself. Which one of us is on blood thinners I ask you. Try not to elbow her in the face while she hovers. It is very tight in a toilet room for two people.

Cheers Sue
A Ferg on the Move


  1. K's Mother and yours too sound wonderful. I miss my Mom, gone more than 20 years and love hearing stories of Moms.

  2. This visit because I have stayed longer I been able to feast my soul and store up a few extra memories.

  3. I just LOVE those frugal routines. Soaking fruit in tea dregs - who knew!? I know my Nan used to sprinkle the spent tea leaves on the wooden floor to settle the dust before she swept.

    1. Mum's fruit loaf, known as brack for some reason, is quite famous in her circles. Fruit is soaked in tea for 24 hours.
      Cheaper than alcohol I guess.