Thursday, 17 August 2017

On the road again. Farewell to the farm for a bit

A couple of weeks late....but here is the blog I wrote as we packed up to come north to the warmer climes....

For the first time in over eighteens months the caravan is it's rightful place behind the ute. I was a bit worried that she might refuse to move after suffering the indignity of having the shade taken down on one side and the annex dismantled as well. Undressed in public even.
Solar panels are now tucked in their cover and the clothes lines are closed up neatly. Door mat is inside, BBQ in the boot, washing machine and generator stowed away. I've hooked up the backing camera and secured the lockers. (one always manages to pop open in transit) K has done all those mysterious things he does to connect the ute and the van. So we are good to go.

The weather while below zero at night and frosty in the mornings has been dry so we were spared the indignity of sliding down the hill to the shearing shed. (This might very well have happened this time last year after a really good downpour.)

Our shed looks lonely, with just the sedan and the satellite dish to keep it company. No sheep even, they are all in the next door paddock.

One last look down the hill to before we head to Rathmines for a few days. The caravan is due a top to tail scrub after off gridding for so long. Then hello Qld.

Cheers (better late than never) Sue

A Ferg on the Move


  1. Exciting to be on the road again! We'll be following with a keen eye.

  2. I'd obviously got to the stage of thinking Kev and Sue had put down roots and the travel was over as the regular posts haad stopped and still not much up and the fact I am commenting now 4 months behind your post shows how often I looked!! About to head off to Tassie on Tuesday night to stay with Cheralee for 4-5 months(we have a 1 way ticket at the moment so cooler weather for us thank goodness.Seeing you are travelling again have a look at this blog- have been on the road since 2004 and now have 12!!!!! kids with them ALL sleeping in a 40ft Austral coach. They have some unbelievable photos up of places they have been to off the beaten track. When I found it took me nearly a week to go through all their posts-absolutely fascinating scenery photos. Must go-enjoy your travelling, Tony